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Advanced technologies of weighing and packaging
Advanced technologies of weighing and packaging
Over 30 years of experience, over 30 patents
Own modern production
Own modern production
Full cycle:
from design to assembly
Filled pasta forming machines:
Filled pasta forming machines:
for dumplings and other stuffed pasta products
Filling pumps
Filling pumps
For the dairy, meat-processing, confectionery, bakery, and other industries

New equipment

Product weight, g
Power supply
3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz
Multihead weigher SP10(14)-2S
Combinational multihead weigher SP10 (14)-2S are intended for automatic dispensing of the cooled products: cottage cheese, meat, chicken semifinished products, etc.The Multihed weigher SP10(14)-2S is specially designed for these purposes.

Productivity and accuracy of dispensing is defined by quantity weight-bearing modules which can be from 10 (house-keeper-variant) to 14. In the mechanism of opening of baskets step-by-step engines are used.

For input and display of parameters the portable control panel in which is used established TFT the color display with the touch screen and industrial PC the controler, allowing to deduce parameters and the statistical data on the printer or in a local network.

Calibration of weight baskets is made manually by reference weights.

Design of a metering device and the applied materials allow to assort quickly a metering device for sanitary processing.
Number of weighing heads
10, 14
Max speed, dose/min, up to
Bag width (with product), mm
Bag lenght (with product), mm
Max speed of weighing and labeling
up to 80 pack/min
Scale capacity (weight/accuracy)
1 kg / 0,1 g
Linear combination weigher SP6-12
Multihead semi-automatic weigher was created especially for accurate dosing of various products, which are problematically packed on standard weighers. SP6-12 allows to expand the assortment of products for precise packaging (meat and fish steaks, vegetables, fruits, etc.). Сonfiguration mode and self-diagnostic check makes weigher control easier. This weigher does not require high qualification of the staff.
Number of weighing heads
Max speed, dose/min, up to

Packaging equipment from SIGNAL-PACK

Signal-Pack has been successfully manufacturing and selling packaging equipment for the food industry since 1991.

A wide range of customers from all over the world includes: Russia, the USA, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Israel, Estonia, Spain, Turkey, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Georgia, Switzerland and Scotland.

We design and manufacture customized equipment, applying the best and most efficient engineering solutions.

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Simplicity and ease of use of the equipment along with its efficiency is the motto of our developments.

Packaging equipment for a variety of food products

  • small-piece (confectionery, pasta, nuts, snacks)
  • loose (cereals, sugar, tea)
  • dusting
  • powdered (flour, powdered milk)
  • frozen (semi-finished products, vegetables, seafood)
  • brittle (cookie)
  • liquid and sticky food products (cottage cheese)
  • construction mix, granulated and powder products, household chemicals, cat litter, small metal and plastic products, pet food, soils, fertilizers and so on.
Our clients


Garnec trademark is specializing in production of flour from cereals and legumes. SIGNAL-PACK was the first company in Russia designed flour packaging equipment for 0,5 kg paper bag.


KDV is a Russian producer of snacks and confectionery products whose goods are well known and beloved not only in Russia but also well beyond. KDV owns 15 factories and offers 700 products.

Korona Stavropolya

Korona Stavropolya is one of the most dynamically developing company in the Stavropol territory occupied with agro-processing of grain and oil plant.


Lackmann specializes in the production of exclusive products made according to Russian recipes in Germany implementing modern technology and equipment.  


MAKFA is a leader of pasta industry in Russia and a large producer of grains and cereal flakes. Brand name MAKFA is in top-5 largest pasta producers of the world. Products under MAKFA brand name also cover some sectors of grocery market.


Petrokholod is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of ice-cream in Russia. As of today, the company is a state-of-the art facility equipped with the latest technology.


Products of PRODUCTY ERMOLINO trademark are produced at production facilities comprised of three modern factories listed in the top-5 largest manufacturing companies of the Kaluga region.

Sibirkyi Gurman

OOO Kombinat polufabrikatov Sibirkyi Gurman is the largest manufacturing company of frozen semi-finished products presenting its products on the market since 1995. The company is having a large market share in the Urals and Far East markets.


Companies Association “Slavyanka” is one of the oldest Russian enterprises, being one of top 50 worlds rating of confectionery companies. Company Association unites such confectionery companies as confectionery factory  “Slavyanka”,confectionery factory named after N.K. Krupskaya, confectionery factory “Volzhanka”, confectionery factory Confy.


Bread-baking complex SMAK is number one in the Sverdlovsk Region. Accumulated experience and high technology of bread-baking complex resulted in tasteful and diverse bread products. As of today, bread-baking complex SMAK is an acknowledged leader of Yekaterinburg market.


VITEK is a producer of snack products. For over 20 years the assortment of products enlarged up to 33 product types. Many trade marks has become popular in the Urals and a number of other regions of Russia.

Whittier Enterprise

Since 1965, Popkoff’s has been creating “farm to frozen” foods based on recipes from Eastern Europe. Using only the finest ingredients, we have built a reputation for truly superior foods, authentic flavors and Old World charm.

Geography of our customers

Our certifications