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Multipurpose filling and forming machine Extro MAX

Purpose and equipment

Multipurpose filling and forming machine EXTRO MAX with a small footprint, ideally suited for small and middle-sized enterprises. Adjustable speed: from 80 to 350 kg/h   

Designed for the production of a wide range of products made of dough with filling: vareniki, pelmeni, dumplings, chebureks, samosa, khinkali of various shapes and sizes. EXTRO MAX is also applied for the production of zrazy, products having vegetable wrapping with filling.

Equipped with touch screen control panel with easy menu navigation.

The machine performance can be changed with a single parameter. Machine enables saving of settings for different products. 

EXTRO MAX can work with both soft and tough types of dough. 

The design of the machine corresponds to IP55 protection class against moisture and dust, which allows you to use low pressure water jets for cleaning. The machine can be exposed to the daily sanitary treatment. 

Delivery information
Delivery options: ✔ Customer pick-up ✔ Road transport ✔ Rail transport ✔ Air transport ✔ Sea transport
Warranty information
✔ Warranty and post-warranty services ✔ Prompt maintenance services ✔ Consultations on equipment options, equipment diagnostics, equipment troubleshooting, settings ✔ Commissioning and start-up ✔Customer personnel training  ✔ Equipment trial testing ✔ Spare parts, wear parts and components delivery
Product weight, g
Power supply
3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW
6,5 (incl.refregiration unit 1,2)
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, kg (max)
650 (without pump)
  • Sanitary design 

  • IP55 (protected against low pressure water jets)

  • molding drums are covered with high quality Teflon coating approved to use in the food industry.  

  • Blow-off system is included in the standard set of equipment;

  • Various fillings of different density are applied. Dense chopped minced meat or, minced meat with different inclusions. Minced meat, chopped into pieces, whole pieces, frozen berries, etc 

  • The filling/dough ratio is easily adjustable and can be in the range from 30-70% up to 70-30 %.

  • Can be completed with additional automatic devices for the production of dumplings, vareniki, khinkali, meat pastries. 

  • Additional diaphragm cutting unit and a discharge conveyor are applied to produce and remove khinkali. 

  • Oil bath lubrication –  long service lifetime of the equipment.

  • Robust design of the molding unit 

  • The new design of the motor assembly with oil bath lubrication excludes the need for weekly lubrication and adjustment of power transmitting units

  • The machine can operate with soft, more humid dough which improves the taste of the filled pasta products.

  • Minimum spare-part kit.