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SmartDrive control system

SmartDrive control system is applied to the automatic dumpling machines of AP series with several drives and enables to automatically synchronize their operation (for example, roller unit where the pressure arising while rolling depends on the rotation speed of each roller group).

SmartDrive system carries out the synchronization of several drives to achieve the desired performance with minimal power consumption.

In other words, the system is meant to ensure optimal modes of the equipment operation, excluding the possibility of the negative impact of the drives on each other.

The maximum effect from application is achieved on machines where external factors have impact on the machine operation (for example, lack of product infeed uniformity or unstable product properties).

Below you can find the advantages of the system application for the dough rolling unit:

  • Stiff dough application possibility

  • Higher performance of the unit

  • Stabilized extrusion pressure,

  • and as a result the uniformity of product properties

  • Opportunity to avoid the dough strip tearing which might be caused when the dough is fed by pieces

  • A gentle operation mode of the screw drive which facilitates extending its service life

  • Overheating protection of the motors which might be caused, among other things, by incorrect settings.

  • Energy saving, up to 30%*

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