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Automatic brick bag forming machine AFB60-1S

Purpose and equipment

Automatic brick bag forming machine AFB60-1S is designed to help getting previously packed on a vertical packaging machine product (grains, sugar, pasta and so on) a brick type. Rotary type machine with servodrive chain conveyor.

Filled with product package is fed into the molding cell for further procedures:

  • vibrocompacting

  • top package forming

  • top sealing

  • extra film cutting and removal

  • top package folding

  • top package thermosealing

Parametric control and drives syncronization are carried out by PLC.
Integrated 10" touch screen graphical display is to be used to input and display of working parameters.
Diagnostic controls of the machine and data accumulation are to be done and displayed.
Position of the forming table (brick height) is adjusted by electric drive and settings are to be saved as preset programs.
Brick bag forming machine may be easily integrated with different types of dosers: volumetric cup fillers, volumetric auger fillers, linear and multihead weighers, and packaging machines M3S and M3B.

Delivery information
Delivery options: ✔ Customer pick-up ✔ Road transport ✔ Rail transport ✔ Air transport ✔ Sea transport
Warranty information
✔ Warranty and post-warranty services ✔ Prompt maintenance services ✔ Consultations on equipment options, equipment diagnostics, equipment troubleshooting, settings ✔ Commissioning and start-up ✔Customer personnel training  ✔ Equipment trial testing ✔ Spare parts, wear parts and components delivery
Bag depth (with product), mm
Bag width (with product), mm
Bag lenght (with product), mm
Power supply
3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Working pressure, MPa
Air consumption, no more, Nl/min
Installed power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, kg (max)
Static eliminators
Dust removal system
Take-away conveyor