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Filling equipment

Filling equipment is an integral part of any automated food packaging line. Such units can be quickly and accurately adjusted to work with a certain type of product, change the packing parameters without downtime of the technological equipment.

The SIGNAL-PACK company is engaged in the production and sale of modern filling equipment. Dispensers of various designs and purposes are on sale, in addition to dispensers, the company produces a wide range of packaging machines and conveyors. It is possible to select and manufacture professional packaging equipment for various dosing and packaging tasks.

Weighing batchers

Typical weighing batchers are designed for packaging a wide range of food products, from granulated sugar to cottage cheese and chilled meat. The range of equipment of this type includes linear weight batchers, combination weight batchers and various types of volumetric batchers.

Linear weighing batchers

Linear weighing batchers of models B1, B2, B3 are designed for packing easily free-flowing and small-piece products (cereals, nuts, granulated sugar, etc.), the B5 batcher has a narrow purpose, it is used for packing spaghetti.

Combination dispensers

Models of this type of equipment are distinguished by a very wide range of applications: on individual units, it is possible to pack vegetables, seafood, frozen foods and semi-finished products, loose and small-piece, fragile products. The use of combination batchers is optimal for large piece products, in contrast to weighing batchers, which are mainly used for packaging smaller and powdery food products. High speed and high accuracy are the advantages of using combination pipettes.

Volumetric dispensers

The cup rotary dispenser model C1 is designed for packing fine, non-dusting products (sugar, salt, all types of cereals & nbsp; etc.). Its feature is a carousel with telescopic glasses, telescopic glasses allow you to adjust the volume of the product by 30% on one set of glasses. There are several sets of glasses for different volumes of the product.
The volumetric screw dispenser Ш1, like the screw weighing equipment, is used for packing dusty powdery goods. The performance of the unit depends on the diameter of the screw and its pitch, these parameters are negotiated individually when ordering the dispenser. The number of screw revolutions ensures the receipt of the product dose. There is a version of the auger batcher with weight control and dose addition by weight.

In addition to the listed equipment for packing in the SIGNAL-PACK company, you can order complex “turnkey” filling lines equipped with conveyors and storage containers.

In the SIGNAL-PACK company you can buy filling equipment for various food products wholesale and retail. Find out the prices for dispensers and filling lines from our managers by phone 8-800-555-65-76. We also have offices in Ukraine and Belarus.

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